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We started in the 1980's as a wholesaler of computer products in Santa Clara, California. This is in the Silicon Valley where the most innovative tech companies, such as Intel, HP, and Apple started. The Silicon Valley also has the most demanding customers and the most competition among suppliers of computer products. By operating for over 20 years in this environment, we have had to constantly improve our products, logistics, and service system. Now we manufacture computer products in Shenzhen, China for distribution to many importers in the global market. This low cost manufacturing base allows us to provide the best prices to our customers. However, we provide much more than low prices. Because we have served the US market for over 20 years, we understand the importance of product quality, package design, great customer service, on time delivery, and legal business practices. We combine the benefits of low cost Chinese manufacturing prices with the best business practices of American companies.

Why Our Customers Choose us

Low Prices
With our efficient manufacturing operations in Shenzhen, China, we provide you with low prices so that you can make more profit.

Product Quality
We pay great attention to the reliability and design quality of our products, so that your customers are satisfied with your products. Many American companies use our products like Intel and Microsoft.

English Package Design Services
We have graphic designers and English writers that can make a unique product design incorporating your brand. Package design is a very important factor when customers choose which brand to buy.

USA Distribution
We have warehouses in the U.S. so that we can supply smaller quantities to US customers.

Complete Product Line
We have wide range of computer accessories and cables so you deal with only 1 company for your needs. This reduces risk, negotiating time, and communications time.

USA Quality Customer Service
Many Chinese factories do not understand good customer service. Once you pay for your products, everything is your responsibility. In contrast we view you as our long term partner and we are happy to support you.

Transaction Security
Because we have offices in USA, you have more legal protection. When you pay for the products we take legal responsibility for the quality, delivery time, and post sales support.